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I am stating that I fully understand the Qualifications and Guidelines as they apply to a referral and that any show that does not meet all the criteria will not count towards my Rainbow Reimbursement Program.

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Happy Customers

"We love our rainbow and finished the book and earn program in just a couple months. Also enjoyed working with the rainbow dealers they are great!"
Cecilia & Ernie Holman
"My mother has had Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners for as long as I can remember. Rainbows are pricey but the quality of one is worth every dime. I purchased my first Rainbow in 2011. January of 2021 I purchased my second Rainbow. Nothing was wrong with my first I just wanted to upgrade to the newest version that would purify 3000 sq ft in 24 hours or less according to the settings I choose. Our sales lady wasn't pushy she did the demonstration and I purchased. Because I knew what The system would do. I like that all the attachments are convenient. This one Vacuum can do my carpets, tile , hardwood, I can also use as a blower for my porches. If liquids get spilled it will clean them up. Plus I earned the mopping attachments ,table top air Purifier, and shampooer. What I like also is all the dirt goes in the water. No bags or tank to release dust back into the air. I can't say enough good things about the Rainbow."
Regina Hunt
“ Book and Earn program was so easy we did it in 10 days! They paid our machine off right away! ”
Jennifer & Nathan Osborne